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CNC Machines

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  1. 3 Axis CNC Machine for Curtain Wall

    With Windows NT professional operating system and Germany PA computerized four-axis industrial digital control system, the machine can be used to milling different of aluminum profile.
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  2. KT-S860 4 Axis CNC Machine

    1.Suitable used  for  milling ,drilling ,tapping,cutting on aluminum alloy profiles,PVC,light alloy profiles .2-it can completed -110︒- +110° processing after one loading ,ensure the high efficiency.3.Adopts Siemens CNC system, with powerful function ,.fast data processing and excellent product reliability.4.Adopts  HSD Italian  high speed and efficiency main spindle .5.Adopts 6 position automatic tool changer ,fast changes tools automatically .automatic positioning and pressing system,  identify the position of the worktable Automatically,ensure fast positioning and pressing.
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  3. 3 Axis CNC milling machining center for aluminum

    equipped with Siemens control system, Suitable for processing of milling, drilling hole, cutting and tapping on various kinds of aluminum profiles
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